Wander - Path of Trust

Genre Plateform Engine Language Dev. Time
Plateform / Adventure PC Unity3D C# February 2013 - June 2013 (v1)
September 2013 - December 2013 (v2)

Wander is an ENJMIN's first year master project, Started in february 2013 and released in June 2013. The current version is an improvement of the first game release, and has been done from late summer 2013 to December 2013.

This game is about finding your way through the temple your lost in, and managing your relationship with a strange creature: due to an accident, you're now blind, and can only see with some sounds... Sounds that this strange creature emits.

I worked on this project as gameplay, AI and graphics programmer. I was also in charge of all the cut-scenes showed in the game.

June 27, 2013:The project won the Hits PlayTime Grand Prize:  Hits PlayTime post about it (in French)



You can get the game here: Wander - Path of Thrust