Genre Plateform Engine Language Dev. Time
God Game / SandBox PC Custom Engine (SFML / OpenGL / Fmod) C++ / Lua May 2013 - June 2013

MIRA is an ENJMIN first year master project, made from May 2013 to June 2013.

Though the game can be played on PC with a single screen, this project was made to be played inside a cylinder, where 4 projectors display the game-screen all around the player.

You can't win or lose, the main goal is to enjoy by terraforming the planet with a "pencil" that allow you to "draw" earth, sand, water..., creating and removing life, and combining elements between them, like 'sand', 'human', 'knowledge', in order to have new ones, like 'werewolves', 'house', 'fish', or even 'asteroid'.



You can download the complete game at this location: Download MIRA.
The game is in French, but an English README is provided with the game.